Vía Verde de la Jara

Vía Verde de la Jara

Vía Verde de la Jara

Vía Verde de la Jara

Vía Verde de la Jara

The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: Spain
Region: Castile-La Mancha
Locality: Calera y Chozas

The Greenway ends:
Country: Spain
Region: Castile-La Mancha
Locality: Santa Quiteria

Description:Length :
52 km

Surfaces :
Hard and smooth
Soft ground (sand, grass, ashes, …)

Users :
Reduced mobility person
Mountain bike
Horse riders
Cross Country skier

Remarks:Hotel and restaurant railway wagons on La Jara Greenway - (Spain) / Mancomunidad de la Vía Verde de la Jara, has been awarded at the 5th European Greenways Award 2011 with the 3rd Prize in the “Exemplary Initiatives” Category, for reusing old railway coaches placed on the Greenway itself as facilities for visitors in an isolated and depressed rural area.

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Mancomunidad de la Vía Verde de la Jara

Address: Plaza. España 1
Postcode: 45578
City: El Campillo de la Jara
Phone: +34-925455739
Web Address: www.viaverdedelajara.com
Contact person:
Yolanda Monge, +34-yolanda@aytocampillo.com

Complementary Information:"Sometimes a railway is destined to fail. This is the case of the railway designed to link Talavera de la Reina with the rural district of Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana in Extremadura. The difficulty of the route, in which the mountainous nature of the terrain required a huge engineering effort, caused the project to be shelved before its completion. Today the La Jara Greenway runs between the Montes de Toledo hills and the Villuercas massif in the region of Extremadura"

Practical services:
Rest area
Toilet and Sanitary facilities
Bicycle rental
Bicycle parking area

Is a part of:
A non motorised path
A national network


Crossed zones: Calera y Chozas, Aldeanueva de La Jara, El Campillo de La Jara, Sevilleja de La Jara, La Nava de Ric
Points of interest: Ruinas Ciudad de Vascos. Arquitectura local de los pueblos. Valle del Tajo, embalse de Azután. Dehesas de El Arco. Valle del San Martín. Sierra de Altamira. Jarales. Paisajes de Bolos Graníticos. Microreserva Rincón del Torozo. ZEPA Sierra de las Villuercas y Valle del Guadarranque.

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