Vía Verde del Río Oja

Vía Verde del Río Oja

The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: Spain
Region: La Rioja
Locality: Casalarreina

The Greenway ends:
Country: Spain
Region: La Rioja
Locality: Ezcaray

Description:Length :
28 km

Surfaces :
Hard and smooth

Users :
Reduced mobility person
Mountain bike
Horse riders
Cross Country skier

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Gobierno de La Rioja

Address: Prado Viejo 62 bis
Postcode: 26071
City: Logroño
Phone: +34-942291100
Fax: +34-941291302
Web Address: www.larioja.org
Contact person:
Patricia Ilundain , patricia.ilundain@larioja.org

Complementary Information:A modest narrow gauge railway used to run in a straight line southwards from the banks of the Ebro river through the northern part of the province of La Rioja. Now, in its place, a Greenway runs from Casalarreina to Ezcaray. At Santo Domingo de La Calzada the railway is intercepted by another, similarly straight route, this time from east to west: the Camino de Santiago. Both routes cross the plains of La Rioja at the foot of the Sierra de la Demanda mountain range. WARNING! Canalization of water pipes throughout the Greenway.

Practical services:
Rest area

Is a part of:
A non motorised path
A national network


Crossed zones: Haro, Rodezno, Casalarreina, Tirgo, Castañares de Rioja, Baños de Rioja, Bañares, Santo Domingo de l
Points of interest: Conjuntos monumentales de Casalarreina y Santo Domingo. Iglesia de Bañares. Casco urbano de Ezcaray e iglesia parroquial. Bosque de ribera en los márgenes del Oja. Manchas de caducifolia desde Ojacastro hasta Ezcaray. Sierra de la Demanda. Peña de San Torcuato.

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