The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: Sweden
Region: North Central Sweden
Locality: Karlstad

The Greenway ends:
Country: Sweden
Region: North Central Sweden
Locality: Hagfors

Description:Length :
90 km

Surfaces :
Hard and smooth

Users :
Reduced mobility person
Mountain bike
Cross Country skier

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Tony Jonsson

Address: Tallåsvägen 12
Postcode: 684 21 Mun
City: Karlstad-Munkfors

Tourist Information Authority:Organization name: Munkfors Turistbyrå

Address: Tallåsvägen 12
Postcode: 684 21 Mun
City: Karlstad-Hagfors
Phone: +46-563541081
Fax: +46-563541082
Email: tourist@munkfors.se
Web Address: www.klaralvsbanan.se

Complementary Information:A journey with 55 miles of excitement straight through Värmlands varied and striking nature. Along the trail, an old rail road that is now asphalted, you will find a string of activities. The glimmering water of Klarälven is your travel partner along the entire journey. The journey begins in Karlstad, the city that rests on the shores of Lake Vänern, and that offers you city life with restaurants, shops and everything else that you can expect. But it does not take many rounds of pedalling on your bike before a new adventure begins. The nature and the wild life rest just around the corner. On your way to Hagfors in the north you´ll pass Forshaga, Munkfors and Ransäter. All locations have their own charm, history and different things to offer. If there is anything that we can promise it is the following: You will bring a lot of memories when you leave Klarälvsbanan - memories for life.

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