Vía Verde de Arrazola

The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: Spain
Region: Basque Country
Locality: Apatamonasterio

The Greenway ends:
Country: Spain
Region: Basque Country
Locality: Atxondo - Arrazola

Description:Length :
5 km

Surfaces :
Hard and smooth

Users :
Reduced mobility person

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Consorcio de Turismo Rural Durangaldea

Address: C/ Berriotxoa, 13
Postcode: 48230
City: Elorrio
Phone: +34-946820164
Fax: +34-946820626
Email: infoturismo@durangaldea.com / infoconsorcio@durangaldea.com
Web Address: www.durangaldea.com

Complementary Information:At the foot of the fabled Anboto Peak. The old mining train of Arrazola, with the steam locomotive Aurrera at its head, used to travel down the tranquil water meadows of the river Arrazola to the town of Apatamonasterio. Today the Greenway allows us to walk the beautiful Vizcayan Atxondo valley from north to south and arrive at the foot of the Anboto Peak, the highest peak of the mountainous Urkiola Natural Park, fabled home of Mari, the ancestral goddess of the Basque people.

Practical services:
Rest area

Is a part of:
A non motorised path
A national network


Crossed zones: Apatamonasterio, Marzana, Santiago, Errotabarri-El Tope
Points of interest: Barrio de Marzana. Núcleos urbanos de Arrazola, Axpe y Apatamonasterio. Restosmineros. Estación de ferrocarril de Apatamonasterio. Dispersos molinos, caseríos y ermitas. Valle del río Arrazola y municipio de Atxondo.Cumbre del Anboto. Parque Natural de Urkiola. Cumbres del Memaia. Valle de Axpe.

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