Camel Trail
Camel Trail

The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England
Locality: Padstow - Treverbyn Road

The Greenway ends:
Country: United Kingdom
Region: England
Locality: Wenford Bridge - Wenford Bridge

Description:Length :
27 km

Surfaces :
Gravelled road

Users :
Reduced mobility person
Horse riders

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Sustrans

Address: 2 Cathedral Square
Postcode: BS1 5DD
Phone: +11-79150113
Web Address:

Complementary Information:The Camel Trail stays close to the river during its journey from Bodmin Moor to the sea. If you travel upstream from Poley's Bridge you can reach Camelford by footpath. Just below Poley's Bridge take the hill up to Blisland and then out onto the expanses of Bodmin Moor, different scenery, flora and fauna. The Camel River always has a presence with the trail and if you pause to look you will find idyllic spots, images of light and shade from the river and the surrounding woodland and forestry. This is the quietest part of the trail. You should not hear road traffic noise until you cross the main road at Dunmere. Out of the summer season it can be nearly "lonely"! It offers a unique opportunity to achieve solitude.

Practical services:
Rest area
Picnic area
Camping sites
Toilet and Sanitary facilities
Bicycle rental
Bicycle parking area
Information points

Is a part of:
A non motorised path
A national network
A regional network


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