Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenway
Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenway

The Greenway begins and finishes:
The Greenway begins:
Country: Poland
Region: Southern Region
Locality: Krakow

The Greenway ends:
Country: Austria
Region: Vienna
Locality: Wien

Other crossed regions :
Silesia (Czech Republic)
Southeast (Czech Republic)

Description:Length :
780 km

Surfaces :
Hard and smooth
Gravelled road
Soft ground (sand, grass, ashes, …)

Users :
Mountain bike

Remarks:Kraków-Moravia-Vienna Greenways is a heritage route based on a network of cycling, hiking, water and other thematic trails. The main backbone of the Greenway is a 780 km-long bicycle trail presenting the historic, cultural and natural richness of Central Europe. Beginning with the Krakow Jura Upland, Oswiecim Valley, Pszczyna Region and Cieszyn Silesia, the trail runs through the forested mountain ranges of the Beskydy Mountains, follows the valleys of the Oder and Be?va rivers, and after the vineyards of Southern Moravia and Lower Austria ends in Vienna. Local people and partners are planting local species of trees alongside the trail. Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenways will in the future be the longest alley of trees in Europe.

GreenWay Management Authority:Organization name: Milos Hotar

Address: Nadace Partnerství, Udolni 33, 602 00 Brno
Postcode: 602 00
City: Krakow, Vienna
Phone: +420-515903121
Web Address:

Complementary Information:The Krakow-Moravia-Vienna trail joins nature reserves, historical destinations and people, across three countries of Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. Predominantly it is very easy riding on flat terrain or rolling hills with only a handful of steep hills. The region is rich in cultural, natural and historical destinations as some towns are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, eg, Krakow, Oswiecim or Olomouc. Also many castles dot the route. The trail commences in the former royal Polish capital of Krakow which is the most picturesque and historic city in the country. Continues past the town of Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz, the renowned NAZI concentration camp. Passes through eastern edge of Czech Republics’ Moravia region that includes historical towns such as Štramberk, Olomouc and Brno or the nature reserve of Moravian Karst region with some of the best caves in Europe to visit. The Czech/Austrian border is a vast wine-growing region with plenty of vineyards and wine cellars to visit. Vienna, the former Austro-Hungarian Empires capital city, is the end of the trail and has plenty of monuments, palaces and some good trails to enjoy along the Danube River. Traditions of small breweries and beer production along the trail (famous centres of beer production in Brno, Prerov, Cieszyn, Zywiec, Tychy, etc.) Historical places and memories of K.U.K. Austria - which are in fashion nowadays - historical places and events related to the Franc Jozef, art, architecture, kitchen of that times Available maps and guidebooks (English or only in local language) “Greenways Krakow-Morava-Wien v Moravskoslezském kraji – 1:75 000” map by Region Poodří. “Cyklistická stezka Brno – Víden/Radweg Brno-Wien 1:75 000” map by Sdružení Cyklistická stezka Brno – Víden, a series of 6 maps. Laa an der Thaya to Wien trail is covered by “Radkarte Wein Viertel Ost 1:75 000” published by Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH. Goals and ambitious: o Longest alley of fruit trees in Europe o Publish guide book about the entire trail in 3-4 languages o Unified signposting and amenities along the entire Greenways o Improved safety in cities and towns o Increase Travel with a cause o Development of tourist product with local partners and municipalities o Certification of Bicyclist Welcome establishments Events/Opportunities on this Greenway 2007: 21.4. Earth day on Greenways 5.5. Opening of Brno-Vienna Greenways – bicycle ride for public 18.-20.5. organization of National cycle conference with field trip on new Greenways Odra-Morava-Danube (EuroVelo 9) 16.-22.9. European Greenway Day during the European Mobility Week in Brno 29. Closing of the season – bicycle ride for public

Practical services:
Rest area
Picnic area
Camping sites
Toilet and Sanitary facilities
Bicycle rental
Bicycle parking area
Information points

Is a part of:
A national network


Width: 3 m
Average slope: 4%
Phones of the emergency services: 112

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